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Aditi Patel

Updating Your Medication Records

Where do you store your medication records? Are they up to date, and can they be easily retrieved in an emergency? What if there is no power, no phone service, and you are away from home?  To receive the right medical care, your care team needs to have an accurate account of all your medications.

Sutinder Sandhar

Adult Onset Diabetes

Addicted to sugar?  Pasta lover?  Did you know that many low fat food options contain more sugar and carbohydrates than normal fat options?  You’re not alone, the number of people diagnosed with diabetes continues to rise. Type 2 diabetes may be preventable or you can delay its progression.  If you have not been diagnosed with

Woman holding her throat with discomfort.

Strep Throat: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Do you have a sore throat? While a sore throat can be an indicator of many different illnesses and viral infections, there are some symptoms that can set strep throat apart from others. The key to getting better is determining what is the cause of your illness, which is why we will take a closer

Sandeep Sodhi

Maintaining Bone Health

Your bones are the foundation of your health. They protect your organs, are the scaffold of support for your body, and store essential minerals such as calcium. We build bone in our youth, but start to lose more bone than what we can build as we get older.  As adults, we want to prevent the

Pharmacist explaining a medication to a customer.

Answers to Your Questions About Picking Up Prescriptions

Prescription management can be easy with help from your local PharmaChoice pharmacy. In fact, there are a number of pharmacy services available to you, from prescription refills and consultations, to quick and simple prescription pick-up. If you have any questions about picking up your prescription medication, we are here to answer them. In this article,

Person checking their delivered prescription while sitting on the couch with a blanket over their shoulders.

Stay Home and Enjoy the Convenience of Prescription Delivery

Is it time to refill your prescription? Rather than leaving the comfort of your home and standing in line at your local pharmacy, why not enjoy the benefits of a prescription delivery service? Whether you’re not feeling well, self-quarantining, working from home, or can’t conveniently access your local pharmacy, this service may be of great

Female pharmacist checking a prescription transfer on the computer

Prescription Transfer Service: What You Need to Know

Are you changing pharmacies? If so, the prescription transfer service might be the right choice for you. The team at your new PharmaChoice pharmacy can help to facilitate the transfer of all your information to your new pharmacy location. In this article, we will take a closer look at what the prescription transfer service is,

A pharmacist holding a cotton ball to a patients arm following the flu shot

Where Can I Get a Flu Shot?

As the temperature lowers and the leaves begin to change colour, we know that fall is well on its way, along with cold and flu season. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more important that you take the necessary steps to keep your family and yourself healthy during cold and flu season. One step

Angela Zaharia

Head Lice

Anyone can get head lice. The head louse cannot fly or hop, but can move really fast. Getting lice doesn’t mean you are not clean. The most common way to get lice is by head to head contact which is why children are most likely to get head lice. Lice can move onto another person


Fitness: Get Back to Cardio Health

With colder weather returning, maintaining the same activity as you did in summer needs planning. Don’t procrastinate, plan now to be active through fall and winter. Cardiovascular fitness requires just 30 minutes of modest exercise five days each week. Keeping cardio fit will stave off cardiovascular disease, decrease stress, help you feel positive and maintain