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Phil Hudson

Oral Care

A healthy mouth is part of leading a healthy life. Oral care affects your smile, diet, and how you speak. Did you know that the most important part of your mouth to keep clean is the gumline? It is also the most difficult, especially between teeth. Effective oral care includes using proper brushing technique and

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Summer Skin Care

If there is something that all Canadians need more of, it would be summer.  Summer is just a blink of the year, so enjoy every moment of this brief season. But…, don’t forget to get your skin protection on.   It does mean you have to do some preparation.  Sunscreen should be worn 30 minutes

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Fall Risk

All ages are at risk to fall or injury, including young children learning to walk, or the elderly. Did you know that falls are one of the major causes of injuries to the elderly, and the chance of head injury is high?   Avoiding falls and injury cannot always be done, so wearing an approved,

John Bajc

Lyme Disease

There are a few tick varieties in Canada, but Lyme disease is carried by the black-legged tick which transfers Borrelia burgdorferi bacterium through its bite. Not every black-legged tick carries the bacteria which causes Lyme disease, but some areas of Canada are considered higher risk. Ticks migrate by attaching to wildlife and birds, so they

Troy Clark

Food Allergies

Most people don’t worry about what they eat. However, food allergies are serious and potentially life-threatening. Allergic reactions to food can occur without warning, are alarming and uncomfortable. Allergic reactions can range from mild reactions to anaphylactic shock which can lead to death. Even trace exposure to these food allergens may be fatal.    Food

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Hypertension contributes to the leading cause of death in the world. This silent killer is directly linked to heart disease, stroke, and organ damage. You win if you can catch this stalker before harm is done.   Almost 25% of Canadians over the age of 20 have hypertension, and many are not aware they have

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Asthma can affect you at any age and is the third most common chronic disease in Canada. Breathe easy, when properly managed, asthma is a mere nuisance for most, but if not managed it can be very severe. Asthma attacks can kill.    Symptoms of asthma can vary and may change over time.  Symptoms may

Gurpreet Sidhu on contact allergies

Contact Allergy

Contact dermatitis is when you touch something that causes redness or rash to appear on your skin. It can be itchy, irritating, tender or blister, but isn’t contagious nor a serious condition. It is caused by contact with something (an allergen or irritant) that your body thinks is bad. Common allergens include perfume, plants, jewelry,


IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome

No – don’t eat there!  Are there places you know to avoid, certain cooks, restaurants or food?  Ever wonder why it only bothers you and not others? Do you have a sensitive gut and need to run to the loo?  Perhaps your sensitivity has a label, irritable bowel syndrome.   Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) affects

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Prepare for Combat – Vaccinate

Are you prepared for combat?  Immunization is the way to fortify your personal defenses.  As with any battle, knowing your enemy is your best defense.  It is no different when it comes to our bodies. It is as natural as breastfeeding when a mother passes important antibodies to the baby.  After infancy, we can produce