Oral Care

Phil Hudson

Keeping your teeth healthy means you can eat the foods you love and flash your beautiful smile often. Did you know that smiling can boost your mood and the mood of those around you? 


Good oral hygiene is a habit you want to acquire for life. If you have children, help them develop the habit early. Ensure there is dedicated time in the morning and at bedtime for brushing and flossing – make it fun and don’t rush it. Your pharmacist can provide options and products to help make this easier and more enjoyable for your children.


Good brushing techniques are made even better with the right toothbrush, a soft brush that won’t wear down teeth or gums and can reach the back ones. Brushes come in different sizes and shapes for the perfect clean, small enough to go everywhere, with enough bristles for good tooth contact. Electric toothbrushes can help make keeping the tartar away easier. Wonder why the different shapes, angles, and sizes – just ask! Your pharmacist can help you choose the right one for each member of your family.


Flossing is also a must. For some people, flossing can be challenging if their teeth have tighter spaces.  Finding a flossing system that is easier and more enjoyable is key to adding this to your everyday routine. There are several types of dental floss available, dental picks and water pick which can all help you get a better clean between teeth, and under your gums.


Taking care of your mouth means all mouthparts. Not only your teeth but your gums and tongue as well. Did you know that you can get tongue scrapers that are gentle on the tongue and very effective! 


What if you have no teeth or have lost teeth? Keeping your gums, dentures, and appliances clean is very important and can improve your comfort. Your pharmacist can help you choose pastes, brushes, and cleansers that will make it easy to remove odours, coffee, and tea stains. 


Remember, even with good daily oral hygiene, removal of plaque by a dental professional is still required. Most of us require one or two dental visits annually. Having healthy teeth is good for your overall health. 


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