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Keeping your move on, even as it gets colder outside, is a worthwhile investment. To maintain good health we have to keep those wheels turning.


Did you know that regular physical activity will reduce stress, and give you more energy? You already know it can prevent many chronic diseases, but did you know it can also improve or slow the progression of some chronic conditions? 


Planned regular activity will help establish a habit for exercise. It can be as simple as scheduled maintenance. Doing dishes, sweeping, or shoveling snow definitely counts. Have fun with it and add in a few squats or a lunge to put in that bonus workout. Not working for you? Then try meeting up with a friend. A regular walk and talk are far better than a text. If the distance is a challenge then try exercising together in your own homes via the internet. Remember, activity can also relax. Try yoga, Tai Chi, balancing, and stretching exercises.


Plan an activity for a consistent time each day. Make it a time just for you, just try it for a few weeks and you will be surprised at the difference it will make. Just 30 minutes each day. If you just have too much to think about, choose a guided activity. Start talking to friends and family, suggestions and support will begin before you know it.


We are such creatures of habit, scheduling proper sleep, meals, and activity will fill your day and keep you well. As your activity becomes predictable, you will find your meal times and sleep may start to improve. Hunger and a desire for rest will follow activity – now that’s getting back to fitness.


After exercise, make sure to feed your body well. Reward yourself by treating your body to full hydration and good nutrition. Your pharmacist can help you plan your post-activity recovery. Ask how nutrition and timing can improve your strength and endurance. Find out which supplements best pair with your desired outcomes and activity. Your pharmacist is a support and resource for your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. 

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