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Muhammed Ashraf

Dry Eyes

We have all experienced dry eyes, when there is air movement on the eye, or you’ve been watching a screen too long.  Symptoms include:  

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gurpreet sidhu

Snore No More!

Sleep is the bedrock to staying healthy.  Lack of sleep affects your mental and physical health.  Irritable, unable to concentrate, tired? These are signs your

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Colette Stan

Bad Breath

Good oral hygiene includes regular cleaning of your teeth, tongue and gums.  Have you noticed that even after brushing and flossing, soon after, your breath

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Betty Kurian

Eye Care

We don’t often think of eye care.  Our eyes have incredible accessories.  Eyelids, lashes and tears are pretty efficient at protecting our eyes and keeping

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Stomach Pain

Stomach pain or discomfort is common. You may know the cause, but often it’s a guess.  In many cases, nothing is required and you feel

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