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Motion Sickness

That bad feeling attributed to motion sickness is nausea. Symptoms include dizziness, upset stomach and may lead to vomiting.   We often associate nausea with motion, just close your eyes and spin around as fast as you can, stop and open your eyes. Just the thought of it makes you sick, doesn’t it?   Some

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Probiotics, do you need them?

Stomach issues are a common malady, and even today, still not fully understood.  An episode of stomach upset could have one cause or several causes. Often, you may be able to deduce a cause – perhaps what you ate?  Or symptoms go away after a bowel movement. When stomach upset is infrequent and lasts only



Arthritis affects 1 in 5 people and is defined as inflammation of the joint.  It is a chronic condition that can affect almost any joint but may also affect other parts of the body.   There are two main types of arthritis: Inflammatory arthritis (IA) Osteoarthritis (OA)   It is important to know which arthritis

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Acne Treatment

The pharmacy is a good start when trying to treat acne.  Almost 20 percent of Canadians have acne, most are teenagers to adults in their 20’s.  Acne almost always affects the face, but may also be on your body. More women than men are affected by adult acne. Why should you treat acne?  Acne can

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Urinary Incontinence

Laughing, working out, cough or sneeze – causing you to leak? You’re not alone, not by a long shot. Urinary incontinence is an uncontrolled urine output, even in small amounts.  Urinary incontinence can range from infrequent leakage to full bladder release.   Many causes are not detrimental to your health but are distressing and embarrassing.

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Dry Eyes

We have all experienced dry eyes when there is air movement on the eye, or you’ve been watching a screen too long. Symptoms include: Irritated, itchy, burning eyes Tearing or watery eyes (to compensate for dryness) Sensitivity to light Thicker, sticky secretions on the eye Tired eyes, blurred vision Eye redness Don’t delay treating dry

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Spring Allergy – Aaaah…

Choo! Warm weather, sunshine, what could possibly be bad about spring? Melting snow and green trees are a joy to many but are woe to the spring allergy sufferer. Opening windows to let the fresh air in can actually be catastrophic for seasonal allergy victims.   We welcome the change in weather, but some of


Snore No More!

Sleep is the bedrock to staying healthy. Lack of sleep affects your mental and physical health. Irritable, unable to concentrate, tired? These are signs your body is screaming back at you for not getting the rest you need. Other signs of sleep deprivation include yawning, depression, forgetfulness, slow reaction time, clumsiness – increasing your chance

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Mega Gains from Omega-3

We just can’t make omega-3, so we have to get it from our diet. Why is that important? Omega-3 will decrease blood pressure and triglyceride levels. This helps conditions that are linked to hypertension and high cholesterol levels. Just consider the benefits of maintaining healthy flow of your circulatory system, foundational to just about everything

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Bad Breath

Good oral hygiene includes regular cleaning of your teeth, tongue and gums. Have you noticed that even after brushing and flossing, soon after, your breath starts to smell? It’s actually quite common, and the solution is easier than you think – keep your mouth moist. Many of us just don’t drink enough water. Sure, we