Pharmacy Awareness

Karim Atta

Pharmacy has come a long way.  From the practice of providing herbs and compounding remedies, to assessing medication use and providing injections.  The focus from medicine in pharmacy now has expanded to work with other health practitioners, to ensure efficient access for you to pursue wellness, health care, and services.


The education of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians has expanded to address the greater scope of practice.  Rigour and requirements to practice in these fields of pharmacy require successful completion of a national examination and licensing steps to demonstrate competency.


The pharmacist and pharmacy technician’s professional code of ethics is based on advocating for patient safety and care.  


It is well recognized that pharmacy can provide the bridge to other health professionals and provides easy access to reliable health care information.  PharmaChoice understands that you make decisions and choices for your health. Informing you and ensuring access to your pharmacy professionals’ full abilities and services is how we can support your goal of wellness.


Pharmacy continues to embrace the changes driven by our patients.  Your PharmaChoice pharmacy staff wants to assist you. A comprehensive review of your medications and questions regarding medications is the area of specialty for pharmacists.  Concerns regarding any aspect of your medication can be tackled by your pharmacy team.  


Other services that pharmacists may provide will differ between provinces:


  • Prescribing prescription medications
  • Extending prescriptions
  • Prescribing for minor conditions
  • Adapting or changing medications
  • Injections (flu, vaccines, other medicines)


Pharmacy practice is about your medications and what works for you – personalizing your health care needs.  Your pharmacy is an open door to exploring the support and people which can serve your health. PharmaChoice pharmacy aims to make that door inviting, and your next visit rewarding.

Karim Atta
Devon Central Pharmacy PharmaChoice
Devon, AB