Prepare for Combat – Vaccinate

Kevin Melnyk

Are you prepared for combat?  Immunization is the way to fortify your personal defenses.  As with any battle, knowing your enemy is your best defense.  It is no different when it comes to our bodies. It is as natural as breastfeeding when a mother passes important antibodies to the baby.  After infancy, we can produce our own antibodies – with exposure to the pathogens which mount our body’s defense system. However, you can avoid getting some diseases by vaccination – immunization of your body before a real attack.


Vaccines are created for those diseases that are easily transmitted with devastating outcomes.  Why not fortify against diseases such as influenza, meningitis, chickenpox, shingles, and pneumonia?  The aim of vaccines is to get your body’s immune defenses ready to spot the target invader so that a fast engagement can prevent the disease and transmission to others.  There are beneficial vaccines at all ages, your PharmaChoice pharmacist can discuss ones for all the members of your family.


In the case of vaccination, you are using the body’s natural defense to train against future enemy invaders.  Vaccination introduces “dummy” invaders to prime your immune system to recognize and target real invaders – without causing the disease.  Preparing for combat can reduce damage, decrease complications and reduce the time it takes you to recover from a real attack. Without vaccination, valuable time is lost as your body figures out how to deal with the infection, enough to overwhelm you.


Vaccination has another bonus, it protects the weakest of us by reducing transmission.  Children, elderly and those who have weakened immune systems benefit when you can cut those invaders down.  You also benefit as the risk of getting infected is reduced when everyone gets vaccinated. Protect those you love and the friends around you by getting your vaccinations.


If you have concerns regarding vaccines, feel free to discuss them with your pharmacist.  Your pharmacist can discuss recommended schedules and arm you with information to make your decision.

Kevin Melnyk
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