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Denise Doucette

Travel Kit

The pandemic has complicated travel. Navigating new rules may be frustrating, but so is trying to manage unexpected events. Isolation requirements suggest you may need to bring some select hygiene products with you and strategically pack your carry-on. Heading to the local store if your luggage doesn’t make the trip is not as easy as

pharmachoice pharmacist with customer

Pharmacy Appreciation Month

Every year in March, Pharmacy Appreciation Month (PAM) is a time where we acknowledge and celebrate pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and the entire pharmacy team. Pharmacy teams are recognized and appreciated for their endless contributions to positively impact their community’s health and improving patients’ lives. Although pharmacy practice is focused heavily on medication management, counseling, and

Rob Heaton

Family Planning

What are the benefits of family planning? A healthy pregnancy for mom and baby. Getting your body ready for pregnancy can take a few months. Preconception care also involves having conversations with your healthcare team, who can anticipate health risks during and after pregnancy. Some supplements, such as folic acid,  should be started at least

Chris Johnson

Baby Hygiene

Babies are so cute and sweet-smelling. Thankfully we tend to weigh in heavier on our positive experiences. But let’s think about messy diapers, feeding, burping, and the strange sticky stuff found on fingers and faces. For all those daily messes, clean-up needs to be frequent and easy on baby skin. Full bathing of your baby

Daryl Kress

Stay Fit at Home

Staying active in winter can be difficult. Cold, slippery conditions limit what we can do, and having an indoor “go to” can keep you happy and healthy. Transitioning from warm weather to cold can be a shock. Does inclement weather turn you away from staying active? Do you feel more tired, irritable, or sad in

Jean Brisson

Dry Skin

Why treat dry skin? Healthy, hydrated skin will prevent skin damage and infections. Cuts and scratches heal faster, with fewer blemishes, and even a reduction in severity or flare-ups of other skin conditions like acne and eczema are benefits of strong and supple skin.   Dry skin does worsen with time. Starting off with periodic

Leslie Palmer

Smoking Cessation

Thinking about kicking the habit? Take it to the next level, and start talking about it. Tell everyone what you hope to do, get used to the idea, and plan a quit date. Use the people around you to motivate and keep you on track. Start removing temptation, purchase your smokes in small quantities so

David Bodunde

Healthy Holiday Eating

The holiday season means you relax and socialize with those important to you. The theme for holidays and celebrations just naturally pairs with food and drinks we normally don’t have time to prepare or enjoy.   No wonder we let self-control take a back seat for those special days.   Choosing healthy eating does not

Roses Stewart

Antibiotic Awareness

Let’s keep our medicines working. Did you know that not finishing your antibiotic or taking it incorrectly risks us losing its effectiveness in the future?   When disease caused by infections no longer responds to medicines that used to work, we call it antimicrobial resistance. To treat what was once a treatable infection may then

Patricia Lambie

Festive Strategies

Celebrating with family is top of mind as we approach the end of this year and the start of a new year. It is a stress-filled time in any year, but with added concerns due to the pandemic, more advanced preparations might be in order. Discussions about getting together within your immediate family can be