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Jeff Fost


Does it hurt to move? Most of us have experienced joint pain. Joint pain can be short term due to injury, or chronic due to arthritis.  Causes may be different, but treatment is often similar with the common goal of reducing pain and inflammation to allow joint function. Joint pain may limit your range of

Darren Erbach back pain

Flu – What you can do

Even if you are healthy, rarely get sick, or recover easily from illness, getting a flu shot can prevent the flu from harming the vulnerable people in our lives. It’s a win-win to protect yourself and those around you from contracting the flu or reduce the severity of its effects.   Symptoms of flu are

Chris Johnson


Almost everyone has had a pimple. Pimples are blocked pores that become inflamed, and fill with clear, or white to yellowish exudate. The number, severity and frequency of pimples can vary between people and even for the same person at different times. There may be more than one cause and knowing the cause will help

Angela Zaharia

Facts of Lice

Did you know that hair is what keeps lice in business? Staying clean won’t keep lice away, only being hairless can. The louse has evolved to depend on a shaft of hair. Life starts with a gravid female laying her egg at the base of a hair shaft so that the larvae emerges close to

Kevin Melnyk

Overdose Awareness – THNK

Don’t know anyone who would abuse drugs? The epidemic of drug overdosing won’t affect you? Unfortunately, it’s no longer true. Opiates may be obtained through both legal and illicit means, affecting all of us.   Did you know that fentanyl, an opiate that has been implicated in many drug toxicity deaths, can be found in

Janet Rastin

Back to School Preparations

Excited for back to school? A return to routine requires considerable preparation and a list is your best friend.  You have a list for school supplies , a list for lunch kits, a list of medications.   For those in the know, a pharmacy can cover much of your preparations. Nowadays it is even easier

Sandeep Sodhi

Anaphylaxis – High Risk Allergic Reaction Preparedness

Summer is a season full of fun, adventure, and time enjoying the outdoors. This can also be a time for extra awareness, preparation, and caution for those that have severe allergic reactions. Anaphylaxis is a sudden, severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction that can be caused by a food allergy, insect bite or stings, medications, chemicals,

Joseph Dirk

Oral Care

A healthy mouth is part of leading a healthy life. Oral care affects your smile, diet, and how you speak. Did you know that the most important part of your mouth to keep clean is the gumline? It is also the most difficult, especially between teeth.   Effective oral care includes using proper brushing technique

Sutinder Sandhar

First Aid

A general first aid kit is good for minor cuts and superficial wounds. Bandages, gauze, dressings and tape are great to have handy to patch those nicks and scratches. Dressings keep away dirt and help hold a cut together for speedier healing. However, you can customize your kit. Tailor your first aid kit to the

Aditi Patel

Boost Your Testosterone – Guys and Gals

Testosterone is the dominant male sex hormone, however, it is also found in females in small amounts. Testosterone is primarily produced in the testicles, but is also produced in the ovaries, and to a lesser amount in the adrenal glands. Testosterone serves important functions in the body regardless of the biological sex of the person.