Answers to Your Questions About Picking Up Prescriptions

Pharmacist explaining a medication to a customer.

Prescription management can be easy with help from your local PharmaChoice pharmacy. In fact, there are a number of pharmacy services available to you, from prescription refills and consultations, to quick and simple prescription pick-up. If you have any questions about picking up your prescription medication, we are here to answer them. In this article, you will find answers to some of the most-asked questions about picking up prescription medication. If your question isn’t answered below, contact the team at your local pharmacy for clarification.

Can I Order Online and Then Pick-Up My Medication?

Yes, you can order your prescription online and then pick-up your medication in person at your local PharmaChoice pharmacy. The Rx2GO app can be downloaded for free to both Apple and Android mobile phones. Once the app has been installed, you can follow the simple instructions to fill your prescription. For any questions about when your prescription will be ready, give your local pharmacy a call.

How Long Before I Can Pick-Up My Medication?

Most prescriptions are ready for pick-up within the hour or it can take a couple of days.

There are several factors that can have an impact on when your prescription medication will be ready for pickup. Depending on the kind of medication and if the prescription needs to be renewed, the pharmacist may need clarification or further information from your physician. How busy the pharmacy is can also have an impact, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. When filling your prescription your pharmacist should be able to give you a general idea of when it will be ready to pick-up.

What Do I Need to Bring When Picking Up My Prescription?

When visiting your local pharmacy to pick-up your prescription, you should bring:

  1. Your health card
  2. Proof of medical insurance
  3. Payment method

Every pharmacy is different. Depending on your province and other determining factors, you may want to speak with your pharmacist to ensure that you bring everything needed to pick-up your prescription.

Visiting Your Local Pharmacy During COVID-19

PharmaChoice pharmacies across Canada have made a number of changes to prioritize the health and safety of employees, customers and local communities amid the COVID-19 pandemic. If you plan to visit your local PharmaChoice pharmacy to pick-up your prescription, get a prescription refill or take advantage of other pharmacy services, we ask that you please adhere to all rules and regulations in place.

Based on the city and province where your pharmacy is located, you may be asked to wear a mask or face covering while inside the pharmacy, along with the use of hand sanitizer, following directional signage, maintaining a physical distance of at least six feet, and any other rules set in place at the pharmacy.

Pharmacy Services at Your Local PharmaChoice

Your local PharmaChoice pharmacy is dedicated to your health and wellness. A number of health and pharmacy services are available to you, which can help you take an improved approach to prescription management and healthy living.

Pharmacy services include, but are not limited to:

Please note that pharmacy services may vary by province and location. Contact the team at your local PharmaChoice pharmacy for more information about the services available to you, along with any other information that you may need. For more helpful information about health, wellness and Canadian pharmacies, take a look at the other articles in our Advice for Life blog.