Maintaining Bone Health

Sandeep Sodhi

Your bones are the foundation of your health. They protect your organs, are the scaffold of support for your body, and store essential minerals such as calcium. We build bone in our youth, but start to lose more bone than what we can build as we get older.  As adults, we want to prevent the depletion of our bone bank.

Maintaining bone health changes with age and should never stop. Childhood and adolescence are your bone-building years, adulthood is about maintaining bone density. Your pharmacist can answer questions regarding diet, supplements, and activities that address bone-building or bone loss. 

When it comes to bone health, a tailored approach considers:

  • Diet (lactose intolerance, vegan, vegetarian, or weight control)
  • Conditions and medications that can affect your bone density
  • Age and gender
  • Family history (osteoporosis, bone fractures)
  • Physical activity level and type
  • Medications that may interact with calcium or other mineral supplements

Calcium is the building block for bone, other supplements such as vitamin D and magnesium are partners to maintain bone density and strength. Your body uses the bone to provide calcium when there isn’t enough provided through diet. How much bone you bank in your youth determines how hard you will have to work as an adult to prevent osteoporosis, a brittle bone disease.

Addressing bone health prepares you for quality years, maintaining mobility and independence by preventing bone fractures.

Your pharmacist can provide a custom-designed plan to maintain bone health, considering your needs and lifestyle. Let your pharmacist help you determine what supplements you require, along with suggestions for activities that fit your mobility and your conditions.

Sandeep Sodhi
West End Family and Village Family Pharmachoice
Truro, NS