Prescription Transfer Service: What You Need to Know

Female pharmacist checking a prescription transfer on the computer

Are you changing pharmacies? If so, the prescription transfer service might be the right choice for you. The team at your new PharmaChoice pharmacy can help to facilitate the transfer of all your information to your new pharmacy location. In this article, we will take a closer look at what the prescription transfer service is, the benefits that it can offer and the other pharmacy services that may be available to you.

What is the Prescription Transfer Service?

Whether you have been with your previous pharmacy for months or years, they will have a history of your information in their system. This can include your current address, prescription medications, past medications, physician contact information, and more. The prescription transfer service can help to effectively send all your information from the previous pharmacy location to the new one. Not only can this save you from having to provide your new pharmacy with all of the information yourself, but it can also help to reduce the risk of a lapse in your prescription medications. The prescription transfer service is fast, with no compromise on the efficacy. To learn more about the prescription transfer service, speak with the team at your local PharmaChoice pharmacy. Please keep in mind that this service might not be available at all pharmacy locations, depending on province and location.

Benefits of Prescription Transfers

Are you wondering if the prescription transfer service is right for you? Take a look at some of the key benefits below:

  • Saves you time: It will be handled by a member of an expert pharmacy team
  • Convenient: You won’t have to gather past information yourself
  • Accurate and fast: The data will be transferred to the system at your new pharmacy directly

Contact your local PharmaChoice pharmacy to see if the prescription transfer service is available to you.

Other Pharmacy Services at Your Local PharmaChoice

With your local PharmaChoice pharmacy, there are many pharmacy services available to you. These services can help you to better manage your prescription medications, health and wellness. Please keep in mind that all services may not be available at all pharmacy locations, based on the province and individual pharmacy location.

To learn more about the pharmacy services below or to find out if your local PharmaChoice pharmacy offers them, find your nearest pharmacy here to get in touch.

Medication Review

Your pharmacist can review current and past prescription medications with you. You can ask questions, ensure that medications won’t affect each other, confirm the right dosage for you, and more.

Personal Medication List

Ask your pharmacist for an updated list of both your current and past prescription medications. You may need to provide this list to a physician or keep it handy for your own records.

Natural Health Products

Do you have a question about a certain natural health product? Or perhaps you are looking to take a natural approach to health and wellness. Speak with your pharmacist first to ensure that you find the best solution for your health.

Medical Waste Disposal

Bring your expired or unused medication, syringes or lancets to your local pharmacy. The team can dispose of them safely and effectively.

Immunizations and Vaccinations

Your pharmacist may be able to provide you with an injection or vaccination. Speak with your local pharmacy team to see if they offer flu shots, travel vaccinations, and other injections.

Prescription Renewals

Avoid an interruption with your prescription medication. The prescription renewal service may allow your pharmacist to renew a prescription if appropriate.

Trip Preparation

Heading away on vacation? Taking a business trip for work? Speak with your pharmacy team to ensure that you have everything you need, from vaccinations to anti-nausea medication, and any other essentials you might need.

Quitting Smoking

Your pharmacist and pharmacy team can help you along the path to quitting smoking for good. Ask your pharmacist for help finding the right smoking cessation solutions, support groups and more.

Health Management

Your pharmacist is one of the most accessible members of your health team. You can meet with your pharmacist during a consultation to discuss your health, long-term goals, prescription medication, natural health products, and any other questions you may have.

Visit Your Nearest PharmaChoice Pharmacy

For services to help you manage your prescription medications and overall health, visit your local PharmaChoice pharmacy today. Please keep in mind that not all services are offered at all pharmacies. To learn more or find out if your local pharmacy offers a specific service, use our pharmacy locator tool.