Stay Home and Enjoy the Convenience of Prescription Delivery

Person checking their delivered prescription while sitting on the couch with a blanket over their shoulders.

Is it time to refill your prescription? Rather than leaving the comfort of your home and standing in line at your local pharmacy, why not enjoy the benefits of a prescription delivery service? Whether you’re not feeling well, self-quarantining, working from home, or can’t conveniently access your local pharmacy, this service may be of great help. In this article, we take a closer look at what the prescription delivery service entails and the benefits that it can offer.

What is a Prescription Delivery Service?

A prescription delivery service can deliver your prescription medications right to your front door. To get started, speak with your PharmaChoice pharmacy team to ensure that you qualify, as certain factors such as your address and prescription medications may have an impact on your eligibility. Once enrolled in the service, all you must do is access your prescription profile via the Rx2GO app for online Rx refills or give your local pharmacy a call to schedule a prescription delivery. Then, all you need to do is answer the door!


Please note that certain services are available at select PharmaChoice pharmacy locations. To find out if your nearest pharmacy offers a prescription delivery service, speak with a member of your pharmacy team today.


The Benefits of Prescription Delivery

There are many benefits to using the prescription delivery service at your local pharmacy.


1. Save Time and Energy

Are you running short on time? Feeling like you can never get around to picking up your prescription before the pharmacy closes? Schedule your prescription delivery during a day when you plan to be at home. If the prescription delivery service could be described in one word, it could be convenient. Many of us live very busy lives. Instead of having to make one more trip on your way home or realizing at the end of a long week that you’ve run out of your prescription medication, this delivery service can bring the refill to you instead. 


2. Stay Home

The prescription delivery service provides you with the opportunity to stay home without experiencing a lapse in your prescription medication. Whether you are not feeling well or have another limitation due to your health or lifestyle, you can enjoy the convenience of not having to leave your home to refill your prescription medication.


3. Reduce Your Risk of Exposure to COVID-19

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many have been staying home to reduce their risk of exposure to the COVID-19 coronavirus. Many Canadians are taking advantage of delivery services for groceries, food and, you guessed it, prescription medications. Limit your in-person interactions with others and practice effective physical distancing by having your prescription delivered right to your door.

Your Local PharmaChoice Pharmacy

To learn more about the prescription delivery service, along with the other pharmacy services, visit or contact your local PharmaChoice pharmacy today. Please keep in mind that not all services are available at all pharmacy locations. If you wish to stay home while you manage your prescriptions, you may be able to access the online pharmacy. Download the Rx2GO pharmacy app to get started with online prescription Rx refills, deals and promotions or to access the contact details for your nearest pharmacy.