Yeast Infection

Patricia Lambie

Yeast can be found on your skin and inside your mouth, gastrointestinal tract, and vagina.   A yeast infection occurs when it grows uncontrolled.


Start treating yeast infection as soon as symptoms start.  Symptoms include:


  • Itching and irritation 
  • Pain, burning, redness and swelling
  • Abnormal discharge (vaginal infection)


Should you suspect a vaginal yeast infection, have your first infection confirmed by a doctor.


Your pharmacist can help you select a product to rid you of the infection.  Should you find that treatments work only temporarily, seek treatment from your doctor.  Complicated yeast infections may require maintenance treatment or longer treatment times.  Self-treatment for mild to moderate vaginal yeast infection is fine, but the possibility of having a bacterial infection requires the attention of a physician. 


Have further discussions with the pharmacist or seek a physician’s advice if you have different or more severe symptoms, frequent recurrent infections, lower immunity or are diabetic.


Our natural defences do keep yeast under control.  Yeast requires moisture and warmth to thrive and grow.  Removing the support for yeast growth will help prevent future yeast infections:


  • Wear moisture-wicking material (cotton)
  • Avoid moisture build (dry thoroughly especially at skin folds, change underwear and clothing after working out, don’t sit or lie too long)
  • Avoid hot baths
  • Don’t use douches, scented feminine products, harsh soaps or bubble bath which will unbalance your natural flora or pH
  • Restore flora with probiotics especially if taking antibiotics or immune lowering medications


Your pharmacist can help you with treatment, including oral and topical medications.  They can also discuss prevention of vaginal yeast infections, including the use of probiotics or prebiotics.  Treatment and prevention are keystones for yeast infection control. It is quite normal for an infection to come back when your body’s defence gets unbalanced.  Even stress or illness can overwhelm your natural state.  


Your PharmaChoice pharmacist can help you treat your infection, discuss ways to reduce the favourable conditions for yeast growth, and restoring a healthy environment that controls yeast growth.

Patricia Lambie
Elrose Pharmacy
Elrose, SK