Compression Socks

Give your legs a hug, they likely need it.


Compression socks are not just for people with circulation issues.  They should be worn whenever you anticipate times when you have to stand, sit or exert with your legs.  


Compression helps to prevent fatigue, increase comfort, and aid circulation of blood that may pool at the ankles and feet.  For those with circulation issues, it is a must. For athletes, it gives additional support and endurance to go that “extra mile”.    Compression therapy can reduce the progression of venous insufficiency.


If you enjoy a foot or leg massage, you will benefit from compression therapy.  Compression should be used prior to:


  • Prolonged sitting (working at a desk, travel)
  • Prolonged standing
  • Sports activities (heavy lifting, running, jumping)
  • Work or activity that makes legs or feet feel restless, achy, or prickly


People with circulatory conditions should see their doctor for recommendations*:

  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetics
  • High blood pressure or other cardiovascular conditions


*Compression wear may be covered by your medical insurance when prescribed by a health professional.


Don’t wait until you see your veins surface, ankles swell or feet puff.  Compression therapy works best when used before activities that cause these symptoms of leg fatigue.  


Your PharmaChoice pharmacist can aid you in selecting the proper fit and compression required.  Discussing when and how long to wear your compression socks, hose or stockings with your pharmacist is as important as having proper fit.


For little effort and change, you will be surprised at how much improvement compression therapy can make to your daily routine and long term health.  

Angela Zaharia
St.Thomas ON