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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a form of depression.  Its fall and winter is fast approaching, feeling a bit down?  Those winter blues should be taken seriously if you have it annually and it affects your daily activities.   Mood changes that are causing problems at home or work, feeling unusually tired, having depressive thoughts or thoughts of low self-worth are serious symptoms that should be treated.


Although SAD is more common in fall and winter, with remission in the spring.  Some people may be affected at other times of the year. SAD is more complicated than the hours of light you are exposed to, remember, the onset of winter has other implications that affect our wellness.  Cold temperature, dietary changes, reduction in social and outdoor activities, are just a few factors that our body perceives as not ideal. It is likely a combination of experiences associated with seasonal change that makes us feel under the weather.  


It makes sense to make changes for wellness as winter arrives.  Dress warmly, don’t make your body work at staying comfortable. Replace your warm weather work with indoor activities – bonus if it’s also social!  Make a point of looking out a window during the short days of winter. Bathe your body in natural light during your lunch break. Pay attention to what you eat, ensure your body gets the vegetables and fruit it was used to over summer, or supplement what you can’t get.  Your PharmaChoice pharmacist can help you choose supplements that may help as the seasons change.


Seasonal affective disorder is a serious condition and requires treatment if depression continues for days or if it affects your daily routine.  If you already have medications for depression or bipolar disorder, changes to your medications may be required as symptoms may worsen. Don’t let the blues sneak up, be aware of the effects that changing seasons can have on you.


SAD is complicated; combinations of lifestyle modifications, supplementation or medications may be required to treat the condition.  Seek medical advice if you suspect you have SAD.

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