Medication Synchronization

Are your medications driving your life?  Chronic medication requires regular attention.  Checking how much you have, are there refills remaining, ordering a fill of your medicine and getting to the pharmacy in time before you run out.  In cases where your medications run out at different times, do you feel you make several trips to the pharmacy, or find yourself suddenly out of medication?  Multiply that for each additional medication you are on. Maybe you haven’t even thought about it, but with each medication added to your daily regimen, you have had to dedicate considerable attention, time and resources.


Medication synchronization is a service that your PharmaChoice pharmacist offers.  Imagine getting all your medications on the same day each month? The savings in time and resources! Having a routine where medication management is not requiring your constant attention can be stress relieving.  Just mention medication synchronization is something you would like, and your PharmaChoice pharmacist can start. 


Did you know that studies have shown that people with their medications synchronized are able to take their medications more regularly than those that don’t?


The benefit of predictably getting your medications on a planned day includes knowing exactly the total cost of all your medications, to properly budget and compare costs over time.  Reducing the number of visits to your pharmacy to a planned visit allows time to be spent meaningfully at the pharmacy to ask questions of the pharmacist, or review how your medications are working.  It also removes those rushed visits or calls to get a prescription from your doctor and the pharmacy. Medication synchronization also allows your pharmacy to fill prescriptions in advance of your visit, so no wait times!


It really does free up your time and mind to remove the fog of medication monitoring from your everyday to a once a month event.  What are you waiting for – don’t let your medications drive your life!

Michelle Glass
Winnipeg, MB