Fitness: Get Back to Cardio Health


With colder weather returning, maintaining the same activity as you did in summer needs planning. Don’t procrastinate, plan now to be active through fall and winter. Cardiovascular fitness requires just 30 minutes of modest exercise five days each week. Keeping cardio fit will stave off cardiovascular disease, decrease stress, help you feel positive and maintain a healthy weight.

Schedule the same time each day for exercise, and stick to it. Exercise with a friend or your partner, or join a team; it’s much easier stay active when you make yourself accountable to others. Focus on the habit of exercise. Make it accessible and achievable, so cold temperature, cost or travel do not become an excuse.

Three types of exercise should be performed by alternating days:

  • Aerobic – to exercise your heart and breathing
  • Resistance and weight bearing – to strengthen muscles
  • Flexibility and stretching – yoga for example

Cardio fitness is complemented by proper eating. Avoiding salt, sugar, carbohydrates and saturated fats. Proper fuel to run your body will make you feel better and provide visible results of your exercise. Having more vegetables and fruits during winter does require planning, but the nutrients from frozen sources are the same as fresh.

Talk to your health care team about exercise, nutrition, and cardio fitness monitoring. Take a step, whether it is to quit smoking, or start monitoring your blood pressure, your pharmacist can help you pursue cardio fitness.

Darren Erbach
Fisher's Drug Store
North Battleford, SK