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Welcome to HealthSmart

We are a independent Ottawa pharmacy that focuses on prescription care first. Medication management for yourself or a loved one can be very confusing, so at Health Smart Pharmacy we strive to make things more clear and easy to understand. Being "Health Smart" means taking your medications ​properly to ensure a healthier quality of life.

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Health Smart
1500 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON K1H 7Z1
Tel: (613) 695-5561
Fax: (613) 695-5567

Medication Information

Tips for Safer Medication Use

Find useful informationon thousands of medications. Learn how your medication works, when you shouldn't take it, possible side effects and more.

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Natural Health Options

Healthy Nutrition

Many herbs and natural health products have benefits to support your well-being. Find common uses, how to take and how often, for hundreds of products.

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