Updating Your Medication Records

Aditi Patel

Where do you store your medication records? Are they up to date, and can they be easily retrieved in an emergency?

What if there is no power, no phone service, and you are away from home? 

To receive the right medical care, your care team needs to have an accurate account of all your medications. Your medication record should include:

  • Allergies (medication, food, metals, latex, bandaids?)
  • Name of medications
  • Strength of medication
  • How it is taken (frequency, timing)
  • Vitamins and herbal products
  • Non-prescription treatments, including topical products

Storing your records in your phone is a great option, and can include pictures of products you are using, including ingredient listing.

But how often are you updating your records? It’s so easy to forget to update your information, but so important to do so. Whenever you get a new prescription don’t forget to update your records. Keep your health care team updated, including your pharmacist. 

If you discover you are allergic to a medication or change your medication, make sure to remember to report it to all your health care team members. Your doctor, dentist, optometrist and pharmacist need this information to make sure you are provided informed care. Your circle of care can only be informed if you keep your medication record up to date and share it at each visit with your health care providers.

If you have children or are a caregiver, maintaining current records for all members of your family does require considerable effort. Your PharmaChoice pharmacist can help. A print out of your current prescription medication record can be requested. Ask your pharmacist how to keep your records up to date, and what information is important to share. It can be as simple as taking a picture of your medication record report at each pharmacy visit, just ask!

Aditi Patel
Healthcare Pharmacy PharmaChoice
New Westminster, BC