Travel Kit

Denise Doucette

The pandemic has complicated travel. Navigating new rules may be frustrating, but so is trying to manage unexpected events. Isolation requirements suggest you may need to bring some select hygiene products with you and strategically pack your carry-on.

Heading to the local store if your luggage doesn’t make the trip is not as easy as it once was. Cancelled or altered itineraries can also create needless stress. The best defence for travel interruptions is to have a solid preparation plan.

One tip is to take the time and only pack what you need. Your back will thank you for packing light if you experience any delays. Going over limits with carry-on and check-in luggage can be costly. Ensure you have the most current information from all the airlines and airport destinations you will be using. Be aware of restrictions such as the size of luggage, volumes of liquids or creams, types of containers, and banned items.

In the past, “under packing” was fine, as you could purchase your toiletries and clothing on arrival and as required. In this new era of ‘unpredictable’, prioritising carry-on items can ensure a pleasant travel experience no matter what comes your way. Dressing for travel should be planned for comfort. You want to be prepared and comfortable for unexpected itinerary changes requiring prolonged standing or sitting, indoors and outdoors.

Pay attention to the weight of what you carry and wear. Plan for the possibility of carrying items for longer periods of time. Your travel kit needs to be planned for your specific trip to maximize its usefulness. Organise and compartmentalise your carry-on. Toiletry travel kits help maximize space while ensuring proper hygiene. Take advantage of compression bags and packing cubes.

Finally, rolling clothes instead of folding is a great space saver. The right carry-on luggage should be specific for the trip. Backpacks are easy to carry and soft-sided, so you can easily store them, be it in overhead bins, or under seats. If something a little more durable is required, source a rolling case that is lightweight and conforms to carry-on rules.  

Travel products you can purchase at the pharmacy will ensure reduced stress, help you look and feel your best and at a reasonable cost. Travel size toothpaste, shaving cream and deodorant can save you several cubic inches of space and weight.

Pack toiletries for anticipated emergency delays, however, focus on what you need. Your favourite shampoo should take a backseat to your medications. A small amount of liquid cleanser can perform as shampoo, body, and handwash. Challenge your packing skills and imagine multi-purposing your items.

Visit your pharmacy and look at the options available for travel. Planning bags, toiletries, proper medication storage to fit your trip is a great start to build excitement and confidence for a great trip.

Couple Travelling with Help From Local Pharmacy

Denise Doucette
Rexton PharmaChoice
Rexton, NB