Medication Review

Changes include additions or deletions to anything we do.  Adjustments are part of human nature. You make changes to adapt or improve.  Most changes take a step in the right direction, but some have unanticipated ripples.  Often overlooked, even healthy changes may require adjustments to medications. When it comes to medicine, tuning is required, even for medications you have been on for years.


Your pharmacist provides you information on how to use your medication to avoid unwanted effects.  However, things become trickier when you are on more than one medication. More considerations need to be made, and your input is vital.  The safety and effectiveness of your medications is your PharmaChoice pharmacist’s top priority.


Consider that many things affect how medications work in your body which your pharmacist or doctor may not be apprised of, including changes to:

  • Diet
  • Vitamins, herbal products
  • Sunlight or UV exposure
  • Fluid intake
  • Non-prescription medications
  • Weight changes
  • Stress
  • Changes to health (including cold, allergies, etc.)
  • Smoke cessation


You can take an active role in monitoring changes.  Awareness that change may require adjustments to medication and ask about potential “ripple” effects is important.  Whenever a change is made, your pharmacist can check for potential issues or provide additional information to support you.  Make an appointment with your Pharmachoice pharmacist to review your medications and assess whether changes can be made to provide you with the best treatment regimen.  Medication reviews are not just about your medicine, it’s also about lifestyle changes that you have been thinking about.


Your pharmacist is the specialist for medication reviews.  Pharmacists can provide you an ideal schedule of when to take your medications, addressing your lifestyle and concerns.  Request a medication review with your pharmacist to go over your medications, and collect information that may affect how your medicine may work.  Reviews may require additional work after the information is collected from you, with results provided to you in a follow-up. Your pharmacist will help you understand your medications, why you are taking them, discuss side effects and offer help in managing them.  Let a PharmaChoice pharmacist be your sleuth for a personalized medication review – ask for details today.

Paul Lacombe
Alfred, ON