Holiday Self Care

Roses Stewart

Winter holidays can add stress. impact your enjoyment of the season and daily activities. Self-care at this time of year requires more effort, but you can’t take care of others if you aren’t well. Take steps to mitigate stress, before it overwhelms you. Here are a few tips:

  • Focus on the people close to you and less on the gifts
  • Schedule time to rest and recover
  • Be selective of your attendance at celebrations
  • Apply the sage advice of “less is more”


The holiday season can also amplify isolation and sadness for some. You can help the people most vulnerable; elderly, single, those with distant relatives, or who have experienced a recent loss. Check-in, showing concern and care can quickly elevate the person’s mood and support them through a difficult time. Other suggestions to aid others include:

  • Dropping off a sampling tray, vegetable or fruit platter
  • Invitation to join in activities or offer to visit
  • Patience
  • Ask how you can help


Self-care may seem at odds with the season of giving, but it is important to eliminate that conflict and place yourself first. Anticipating potential times of high stress allows for advanced preparations or perhaps revision of your plans. Share work whenever possible, whether preparing meals, shopping, or cleaning.  Include everyone in the work along with the celebration removes any guilt of not contributing. Avoid excess and extras which require more resources. Above all, don’t fret, enjoy and know that imperfections are a fact of life and quickly forgotten as a company, family and friendship take central stage.

If holiday anxiety or stress interferes with everyday activities or persists beyond the holiday season, a doctor’s advice should be sought.


Your PharmaChoice pharmacist and staff wish you safety and wellness for the holidays.

Roses Stewart
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