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There are many effective ways to boost your health and improve your quality of life. PharmaChoice pharmacies across Canada offer a wide selection of high-quality and affordable natural health products. To learn more, search for a natural health product in the online database or speak with a pharmacist at your local PharmaChoice pharmacy.

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  • Beta-Carotene

    Beta-carotene is a carotenoid. Carotenoids are red, yellow, and orange pigments naturally found in many vegetables and fruits. Beta-carotene is also known as provitamin


    Bilberry is a fruit related to the blueberry and is sometimes called the European blueberry. Alternative Names: bilberry, European blueberry, whortleberry, huckleberry Bilberry Sce.


    Biotin is part of the B complex of vitamins and plays an important role in growth and the maintenance of good health. You can


    Birch is a tree found throughout North America and parts of Asia and Europe. The leaves of the tree contain vitamin C and are

    Bitter Orange

    Bitter orange can be found throughout the world including in Africa, Asia, the Mediterranean region, as well as North America. It is used in

    Black Cohosh

    Black cohosh was used in Native American medicine and was used as a home remedy since the late 19th century. Alternative Names: black cohosh,

    Black Horehound

    Black horehound is a perennial plant that is widely distributed in Europe, Asia, and eastern United States. The part of the plant that grows

    Blessed Thistle

    The blessed thistle plant was used historically to treat bubonic plague sores and for symptoms related to poor digestion. Today it is more likely


    Boldo is an evergreen shrub found in some regions of Chile and Peru, and it is also native to parts of Morocco. Boldo has

    Borage oil

    Borage oil is an herb found in Syria and parts of the Middle East and Mediterranean. The oil is high in GLA, which is


    Burdock root has been used for centuries in Europe, North America, and Asia for a variety of ailments. In some parts of the world,

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