Back to School and Acne

Jeff Fost

Did you know that acne affects 90% of adolescents, and 25% of those affected will still have it in their 20’s? Acne can be hormone-related, worsening as you progress through adolescence to young adult years. Untreated, it can cause permanent scarring and is emotionally damaging. Don’t wait for acne to “just go away”, because on average that’s at least a couple of years.


Acne may also be related to your genes. The age it appears, severity, and where it appears can be similar in your family. Diet, stress, and blocking of pores can aggravate and worsen acne, but it’s rising hormones that increase oily excretions and the chance of blocked pores.


Acne may also appear or worsen with certain medications that affect your hormones.


You can decrease the blockage of pores by keeping them as clear as possible. A skincare regimen with products that don’t cause your skin to dry, cause more oil secretion, irritate, or block your pores is important. Good skincare requires a cleanser and moisturizer. Products do not have to be expensive, your pharmacist can help you select products best suited to your skin type.


Acne treatments work. Treatment for acne should be applied to the entire affected area, not just pimple spots. Stick to the treatment for at least 6 weeks, if the improvement is not seen, go back to your health professional to switch to stronger treatment or a different product.


Moderate to severe acne requires prescription medication and will take longer to treat. Start right away to look your best at graduation or for upcoming special occasions.


Expect to treat for several months, every day, to see improvement. Start early and get professional advice. Your PharmaChoice pharmacist can prescribe products to treat mild acne, provide skincare tips, and refer you to a physician when appropriate.

Jeff Fost
City Pharmacy
Corner Brook, NL