Baby Hygiene

Chris Johnson

Babies are so cute and sweet-smelling. Thankfully we tend to weigh in heavier on our positive experiences. But let’s think about messy diapers, feeding, burping, and the strange sticky stuff found on fingers and faces. For all those daily messes, clean-up needs to be frequent and easy on baby skin.

Full bathing of your baby should be limited to when it is required, usually two to three times per week. Before the umbilical cord falls off or a circumcision wound heals, only sponge baths should be given, avoiding wetting of the area. Frequent bathing can dry skin and cause irritation.

Use a shallow bath or clean sink lined with a hand towel to prevent the baby from slipping around. Wet, soapy water-covered babies are slippery! Never leave a baby alone in the water, even for a second. Remember to have a towel handy beside the bath to dry and keep the baby warm immediately after leaving the bathwater. Don’t rub the towel on the baby’s skin, rather, pat or massage the towel placed against the baby’s skin to absorb excess moisture.

For those daily messes between baths, wiping immediately makes clean-up easy. At home, a  wet soft cloth will clean up fingers and faces perfectly. For times when you’re not at home, baby face and hand wipes are convenient and effective.

Diaper wipes are great for diaper changes, and most are also safe to use on faces and hands. To avoid skin irritation, use scent-free wipes with a soft swipe without rubbing the skin. It’s better to use another clean wipe than to scrub hard. Avoid perfumed products and harsh soaps.

When choosing any skin or hair care products, use non-irritating, tear-free products made for sensitive baby skin. In the winter applying lotion regularly can help keep their skin soft and healthy. Diaper changes require thorough clean-up and drying. Applying a barrier cream before putting on a diaper can reduce irritation and prevent diaper rash. Your pharmacist can help.

Baby hygiene requires baby-size tools and gentle baby products.
Runny or stuffy nose? Nasal aspirators can gently remove mucous, and saline nasal drops can help soften and get rid of crusty bits.

Don’t use ear swabs inside ears, instead of clean behind ears and dry the outer ear. Trim nails with blunt-end nail clippers. Your PharmaChoice pharmacy has all your baby care needs.

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