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Everything in One Place

Use MedHelper to connect with your local PharmaChoice.

The all-in-one app that will help you manage your care plan and connect you with your nearest PharmaChoice making it easier to get your health on the right track.

Manage Your Health the Easy Way


Manage the events in your care plan. Keep track of your medical appointments. Need to make a change? You can edit your events to make sure you receive your notifications at the right time.

Gain access to advanced features with MedHelper Premium to help you manage your Care Plan.

Care Plan

Add and schedule your medications to receive “push" notifications on your mobile device so you never miss a dose. Keep track of your “as needed” medications to make sure you are taking them as prescribed. Manage your medication inventory so you know when it’s time to refill. Schedule and receive notifications to follow your therapies, custom activities, and health data so you never miss an event.



Stay connected with your nearest PharmaChoice pharmacy so you can stay on track. Quickly and easily order your prescriptions from a PharmaChoice pharmacy online.



Keep track of side effects by recording notes associated with items in your schedule (like a medication or activity). Or enter a note about your Care Plan in general.

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Medication Leaflets

Access the expanded drug sheet to see medication pictures, side effects, instructions, and more.



Stay on top of your adherence to medications and activities and access the Doctor's Report. View your event history and access your Notes.


Care Circle

Connect with a friend or loved one, view their daily adherence status and send them a word of encouragement.

Simple Medication Management

Your pharmacy and your healthcare assistant at your fingertips.

Stay on track with your medications right on your mobile device by tracking your medication adherence and quickly sending refills directly to your nearest PharmaChoice pharmacy.


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