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Advice For Life

Welcome to White Cross Dispensary

Your Family Pharmacy since 1955!


White Cross Dispensary, located in the Heart of Ottawa, in the vibrant Centretown community, is a family owned, independent pharmacy caring for your family’s health for over 60 years. With exceptional team members, we continue to provide superior personalized service and we strive to improve the health and well being of our patients.


We embrace the PharmaChoice philosophy embedded in the slogan “Advice for Life” and promise to live that philosophy every day. We focus on what matters to you, for your health. We truly provide Advice for Life!


Experience what a dedicated team of Health Professionals can do for you! Come see us and meet our team!


James & Chantal Dumont, Owners

Location & Hours

White Cross Dispensary
264 Elgin St
Ottawa, ON K2P 1M2
Tel: (613) 233-4029
Fax: (613) 233-7227

Wellness MedPack - Vitapack

Our Wellness Medpack is a convenient system for holding and organizing all your medications in a single serve, easy to open, easy to carry small pouch. All doses are all in sequence (one after another) with all your information and the medications information written on the pouch.

Medications are never exposed to the elements and are Easy to carry with you whenever you leave home for an hour, a day, a week or a month.  Never miss a dose, never miss a day and never leave the house without your medication in your Wellness Medpack.

Ask our pharmacy team members for details. 

Simplify MyMeds - MedSync

Taking multiples medications? Making multiples trips to the pharmacy to refill your prescriptions?

Let us make it easy for you! We will take care of the guessing game of taking medications out of medications management. We will do all you medications management AT NO EXTRA COST for you.

  • Have all your refills be synchronized (align) at the same time.
  • Have one pick up or One delivery instead of multiples times in your 3 month period
  • Have better Health Outcomes
  • Have the complete picture of all your meds at your fingertips when you see your doctor

Come on in to talk to our MedSync specialist Chantale Derick or give her a call for all the details about this amazing program and how you can enroll.

Enjoy Life!    Life is too short not to!


Health Products Stewardship Association
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