Home Care Solutions

At PharmaChoice, we are committed to providing you with Advice for Life. This advice comes in many forms, whether through providing a prescription, making an over the counter recommendation, suggesting a simple home remedy, and now – providing home care solutions.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, our home care solutions will assist you in living the fullest life possible. We are pleased to offer a full range of products to meet your daily living needs.

  • Around the home
  • Bathroom, bedroom and kitchen safety
  • Lifestyle solutions
  • Maternity, diabetes and sport solutions
  • Self-managed recovery Care
  • Foot and leg, bracing and diagnostics
  • Mobility solutions 
  • Canes, shoe grips and walkers 

    …and much more!

Visit your local PharmaChoice to discover how home care solutions can help you get the most out of life. For expert advice on the products and solutions that are best for you, just ask; we’re here to help!